The National:

NETFLIX'S Outlaw King is available on the streaming service as of today – and to help promote it, they've had some fun on Twitter.

The epic film, directed by David Mackenzie and starring A-lister Chris Pine, tells part of the story of Robert the Bruce's fight for Scottish independence.

Critics have already had access to the film – you can read our own review by clicking here – but celebrating its release to the wider public, the "Netflix UK" Twitter account became "Netflix Scotland (ps. watch Outlaw King).

And their Twitter bio? "Yer maw's a demogorgon." (A demogorgon is a monster featuring in Netflix's Stranger Things.)

They also received some excellent suggestions of slightly more Scottish names for popular shows.

Other suggestions included Irn (Bru) Fist and It's Always Pishing Doon In Edinburgh.

The release of the film has caused quite a stir, with Scotland preparing to capitalise on the success.

Neil Christison, regional director at VisitScotland, has said previously: “The opportunities that arise from Scotland being seen on screen are immense. As well as the initial investment for the local economy when filming takes place, there can be far reaching tourism benefits with film and TV audiences looking to visit the locations of their favourite productions.

“This is a growing trend, with one in five people visiting a location having seen it on screen, so there is huge potential in this area for the tourism industry.

“We have seen a distinct increase in visitor numbers linked to screen tourism in recent years, thanks to the power of Scotland’s locations being featured. With the incredible scenic backdrops and historic locations in the Stirling area, which were used in Outlaw King, we hope that the movie will sustain this even further.”

We're sure Queer Aye would bring quite a tourism boost to Scotland too – make it happen, Netflix?