Shop Smart, Save Money for Christmas

(C5, 8pm)

FIONA Phillips and Gaby Roslin present the consumer show ensuring shoppers are getting the best value for money so that they can put the cash they’ve saved towards Christmas. Alexis Conran compares ice cream from fast-food chains, while Smart Shoppers Kelly, Jo and Leisa are in Lincolnshire

for another supermarket dash to slash a family’s weekly food bill. Plus, as the Christmas countdown

continues, Andy Webb checks out more high-street deals.

WWI: The Final Hours (BBC2, 9pm)

ON November 8, 1918, history was made on a train carriage in a forest near Paris. That was the venue for a secret meeting between an Englishman, a Frenchman and a German, who had been given the huge task of bringing peace to Europe. But while they may have succeeded in ending a brutal war, this documentary discovers that

the Armistice negotiations would have long-lasting repercussions that would be felt throughout the 20th century and set the stage for the Second World War. The film uses the perspectives of three key players to explore the talks: Admiral Rosslyn Wemyss, who was out to ensure that Britain continued to rule the waves, whatever the cost; Marshal Ferdinand Foch, who had seen his beloved France decimated by a land war; and German politician Matthias Erzberger, who was faced with

terms that were harsher than he

had ever expected.

Rich House, Poor House Changed My Life (C5, 9pm)

A chance to catch up with some of the families from series two and three, revealing what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. For all three pairs, it turns out the experiment has drawn them closer together – most now see each other almost every day and are the closest of friends, including some of the children. This documentary looks back at the most moving

and amusing moments of their

life swaps.