The National:

QUESTION Time has revealed its line-up for this week – and they have a surprise guest appearing on the panel.

Not even remotely phased by criticisms of giving too much of a voice to alt-right and right-wing figures, they've continued at pace.

Admittedly, following widespread criticism of the platform the BBC gave to under-investigation Brexiteer Arron Banks on the Andrew Marr show, his appearance was dropped. That was the bare minimum to be expected, given the air-time he'd already received.

Instead, we have Tory MP Kwasi Karteng, Labour MP Diane Abbott, vice-president of the Euorpean Parliament Mairead McGuiness, Times columnist David Aaronovitch and Canadian academic Jordan Peterson.

Yes – Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, beloved of the alt-right, will be appearing on the BBC's "flagship political debate show".

We can only hope he's brushed up a little on his knowledge of the famous feminist books he slates, so he can avoid the embarrassing mistake he made in Glasgow.

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In fairness, it's lovely to see the BBC getting more academics on the show. Criminologist and senior lecturer Hannah Graham's demolition of Ross Thomson from the audience showed worthwhile it is.

It's a shame, however, that they've decided to opt for an academic more known for his YouTube channel than epxertise.

It's also disappointing that the more socially progressive politics of Scotland will not be represented on the panel, in a discussion involving conservative Peterson.

In their own words: What Jordan Peterson's audience sees in him

We're interested to see what questions the audience comes up with...