IN Iain Jack’s letter (November 7) he writes: “There is a Brexit earthquake coming”. What seems clear is that it has already started.

It would be very difficult to believe that the owners of the French company Michelin didn’t have the difficulties which will be caused by Brexit in mind when it changed from considering staff reductions of some 120 to factory closure with 845 direct job losses (Michelin: Fight starts for staff shocked by shutdown plan, November 7).

The lack of response by the UK Government to the influx of low-cost tyres from Asia being allowed to flood the market is unlikely to change, with a UK Government determined to make trade agreements come what may.

Also the increase in bed blocking (Bed-blocking figures reach 24-month high, November 7) will have been made worse by EU citizens working in the care sector deciding to leave before the Brexit axe falls. I can’t imagine how bad things are going to get when, as Iain Jack writes, “the Brexit fault line fractures”.

Jim Stamper

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