A MYSTERIOUS object has been spotted off the coast of Edinburgh - and it looks suspiciously like an underwater plane.

Robert Morton made the discovery of the underwater aircraft about a mile off the coast while scrolling on Google Earth.

The father of three from South Yorkshire said the discovery was “incredible and very strange”.

The National:

Speaking to the Mail Online, he said: “I was just looking on Google Earth on Monday and, by chance, I came across the picture of the aircraft.

“It looks like it is in the sea, just off the coast of Edinburgh. It looks like it is underwater.

“It's very, very strange. It’s incredible.

“I have never actually seen an aircraft on Google Earth so it is very strange.”

The National:

Of course, it could just be a glitch on Google Maps, which Morton acknowledges.

He said: “I have never heard of any aircraft crashing leaving Edinburgh or that area.

“I know the picture of the plane isn’t really in the water, its probably the satellite looking down on it through thin cloud giving it that appearance.

The National:

“I thought it was unusual as I’ve not seen an aircraft in flight captured by Google Earth before.

“It may just be another Google analomy.”

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