GREENOCK is “going yellow” in a show of solidarity with the nine extraordinarily brave Catalonian politicians and activists who risked everything in order to give their people a voice at the ballot box and now face almost 200 years behind bars.

Ronnie Cowan MP for Inverclyde, SNP Councillors Liz Robertson and Jim McEleny with other members of Greenock and Inverclyde SNP have tied yellow ribbons at the waterfront on the River Clyde, and now a campaign has been launched to show support for the jailed nine.

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The news of the Spanish authorities requesting to charge the activists with “rebellion” follows closely behind this week’s launch of Ronnie Cowan’s special Christmas campaign to send a supportive “Seasons Greetings” to the nine who were imprisoned for expressing their political beliefs.

To participate, look through Cowan’s “Merry Christmas Catalonia” website and get hold of a set of nine individually addressed, specially commissioned, Christmas envelopes and enclose your own greetings card, letter, drawing, photograph or message of support.

Mark Saunders of Greenock and Inverclyde SNP said: “Yellow ribbons have been used as a symbol across Catalonia to express solidarity with these political prisoners and with the exiled Catalonian government.

“I would urge anyone who would like to show solidarity with the political prisoners but are unsure how to go about it, to join Mr Cowan in his compassionate #MerryChristmasCatalonia campaign.”