CONTROVERSIAL Leave campaigner Arron Banks has insisted there is “no Russian money and no interference” after a criminal probe was launched into the source of £8 million of campaign funding for the Brexit referendum.

In a typically combative performance, the businessman and co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that all the cash came from a UK-registered company, and repeated claims that he was being targeted by Remain-supporting politicians.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) probe was launched into “suspected criminal offences” after the elections watchdog said it had reasonable grounds to suspect that Banks was not the true source of the cash.

It also said that the loans involved a company – Rock Holdings – based on the Isle of Man, which was impermissible under finance rules.

But Banks told Marr that it came from a UK-based insurance business, saying: “There was no Russian money and no interference of any type. I want to be absolutely clear about that. The money came from Rock Services which was a UK limited company, it was generated out of insurance business written in the UK.

“Contrary to some of the press reports in the FT and other Remain leaning publications, we insure nearly half a million customers a year – the size of Manchester.”

Banks lashed out again at the Electoral Commission, accusing it of being full of his political opponents, as well as elements of the media who opposed Brexit.

“I know it’s complex for journalists to understand but we know what this is about – it’s about undermining Article 50 and the Brexit result,” he added.

“It’s a group of vicious MPs who have grouped together with the Guardian and the FT.”