THE dear green place became the dear yellow place yesterday as Glaswegians awoke to a rash of yellow ribbons draped across prominent landmarks in support of Catalonia’s political prisoners.

Such ribbons have become a symbol of support for those who have been incarcerated without trial for more than a year and seven others who are in exile across Europe.

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The Catalan Defence Committee (CDC) Glasgow was responsible for the colourful protest on the Squinty Bridge, Albert Bridge and Charing Cross Bridge. Glasgow’s Duke of Wellington statue, complete with traffic cone, also sported a yellow ribbon, along with the horse of the Lobey Dosser statue on Woodlands Road. And the Citizen Firefighter wore a yellow scarf in tribute to Catalan firefighters – known as “bombers”.

A CDC Glasgow spokesperson said: “It is hoped that with this gesture, more people will become aware of the ongoing suppression of democratic rights in Catalonia, including the fundamental right to self-determination, which we in Scotland have been able to exercise. Glasgow has a strong history of defending human rights and for grassroots struggle. We’re glad that we were able to demonstrate those principles again and get such a warm reception.”