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READERS, we have almost unbelievable news. It turns out that there's something Ross Thomson is WORSE at than politics.

Yes, really. Evidently having a little too much time on his hands, the Scottish Tory MP has turned his hand to video editing.

He tweeted out: "As it’s Halloween I thought I’d treat you to this video. While Ian Blackford dresses up as a simple crofter his mask has slipped revealing how ghoulish he truly is"

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We could forgive a little light-hearted Halloween fun ... but the video really is something incredible. Right down to the warp effects set to The Time Warp, and comical shifts in font.

Most hilariously, instead of a devastating exposé of Ian Blackford's politics, Ross has created a wonderful advert for why independence is so important.

And don't be too put off by the 9:33 run-time. Just after the five minute mark it cuts to black, and we're treated to almost four minutes of a blank screen. In all fairness, we do wish Ross would take that approach with his videos more often – it's an undoubted improvement.

Then again, that's probably the part of the video which will most please Tory HQ too. Four minutes are taken up by a clip of a debate on the Sewel Convention. In it, Blackford explains why David Mundell has been a "dismal failure" in protecting devolution.

What has the Scotland Secretary done to anger you so, Ross?

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It was a speech many on the pro-independence side of the debate praised at the time ... and he's been kind enough to include it unedited.

Unfortunately, the Tory MP has deprived us of a description for the video. Instead, he's left it saying "description". 

Oh, and the video is unlisted, so you'll only be able to access it from the direct link.

We can only assume it'll boost Ross's career, though. The Tory press office will surely be so keen to have him stop making SNP party political broadcasts that they'll find some work to keep him busy.