The National:

NOW we’ve all been on the verge of sending a message or email to someone other than the intended recipient, be it by addressing it to the person you’re complaining about or else selecting “Mum” in the contact list due to its close proximity to your partner's name.

Some have gone that awkward step further and accidentally revealed that private information to someone who really shouldn’t be seeing it.

That’s exactly what happened to a senior Labour MSP who instead of sending a block email to everyone in his party sent the email to ALL MSPs.

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Ahead of a ministerial statement on The Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions Annual Target Report, Labour’s Neil Findlay was urged to ask his party for volunteers on speaking at the event, with just one of the three slots filled.

“Will you ask a question on this – they’re not exactly queuing up to help out,” Findlay was asked by a senior parliamentary researcher.

Then, instead of sending the email out to his own party, Findlay accidentally sent the request out to all of Scotland’s MSPs.

Tory MSP Edward Mountain was one of those who didn't pass up the opportunity to mock the error.

"Thanks for copying us all in on this," he wrote, "any chance I can have one of your slots as I have a good story to tell as well? Best wishes, Edward."

Now it’s embarrassing enough to accidentally send an innocuous email to someone other than the intended recipient, far more so when it shows a lack of enthusiasm within your party for one of the most pressing issues humanity faces today.

Green MSP Ross Greer said: "It's fairly obvious that Labour's commitment to environmental justice is lukewarm at best.

“If Labour politicians aren't 'queuing up' to fight the climate crisis, then Green MSPs will continue to be the ones consistently making the case."