THE SNP have urged Jeremy Corbyn to join a “progressive alliance” against Brexit after Labour peer Lord Adonis called on his party to “step up”.

The peer, a former Cabinet minister, said Labour should join the SNP, LibDems and Greens to “make common cause against Brexit” in a column published yesterday in the Herald on Sunday.

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Citing Scotland’s Remain majority, he stated: “Labour is in dangers of alienating our voters, supporters and members by looking like followers on Brexit rather than the leaders people expect us to be.

“Nowhere is that more true than here in Scotland.”

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Last night the SNP’s Westminster leader repeated his party’s call to band together as fears about the Brexit outcome intensify.

Yesterday Chancellor Philip Hammond, who will today present his Budget, conceded that the crucial plan would have to be scrapped if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal.

Earlier this year Corbyn was “empty chaired” at a cross-party opposition Brexit summit organised by the SNP after he refused to attend.

LibDem leader Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas of the Greens and Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts all took part, with only Labour missing around the table at the January event.

And when Blackford, Cable, Saville Roberts and Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley travelled to Brussels for talks with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier last week, Labour were not present.

Responding to Adonis’ call for a united front, Blackford told The National: “We are already doing this. The only party that is not participating is Labour.”

He went on: “The SNP called upon Labour to join with us in a united front to stop the UK falling out of the customs union and the single market.

“The LibDems, Plaid Cymru and the Greens responded postively to the suggestion to meet and work together. Labour refused to work with the SNP and the other parties and as a consequence we had to empty chair Jeremy Corbyn at a joint meeting.

“We know that by working together we can stop a hard Brexit, we can stop the impact of job losses in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

“But Labour have got to recognise that they must come together with the rest of us to protect jobs and living standards.”

He added: “I would repeat my call to Jeremy Corbyn to work in a progressive alliance.”

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has already cleared the way for her MPs to back a second EU referendum, while the LibDems are also in favour.

Appearing on BBC Sunday Politics Scotland yesterday, Adonis – who has spoken in Aberdeen, Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow over the past three days – said: “Nicola Sturgeon has done the right thing in giving very strong leadership towards a People’s Vote. In the meetings I’ve done in Scotland, I’ve had Labour, LibDem and SNP members, and indeed some Conservative members, and what they want is a popular front.

“They want all of the parties coming together to put pressure on the House of Commons so that there is a People’s Vote and we end Brexit.

“They are very clear sighted as to what they want.

“What we now need is our political leaders to follow the people.”

The call also follows reports that a new cross-party group of MPs led by Tory Sarah Wollaston aims to force a second Brexit referendum.

An estimated 700,000 people turned out to demand a “people’s vote” on the withdrawal deal in a landmark march through London last weekend.

The SNP’s Philippa Whitford is reported to be working with Wollaston, her Tory colleague Phillip Lee and Paul Williams of Labour.