IF the Yes DIY movement is going to have any chance of winning the second independence referendum then it is stating the obvious that a great many people are going to have to change their vote from No to Yes.

That’s why it has been instructive to hear several high-profile figures explain why they are now considering voting for independence having voted against it in September 2014.

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Two of the people who have definitely changed their mind are Murray Foote, former editor of the Daily Record and architect of The Vow, and Mike Dailly, solicitor advocate and campaigner for a No vote last time round.

Now a Glasgow-based group Yes Pollok has organised an event today that will hear of their conversions.

They told us: “Yes Pollok will be holding an Our Journey to Yes event. It will be on Saturday 27th October from 2-4pm at The Hall, Peat Road, Glasgow G53 6DE.

“Come and talk about: Your future, your children’s future, your Scottish NHS, your pension, your home, your Scotland. Whether you’re Yes, No or Undecided.

“It’s a free event, with free refreshments and free children’s activities with music by Becci Wallace.

“Speakers include Mike Dailly, Murray Foote and Cat Boyd. Murray Foote, was the former Daily Record editor and orchestrator of the Vow; Mike Dailly was a high-profile campaigner for Better Together.”

Worth hearing, surely.