DETAILS of the National Yes Registry’s Gathering#2, which will involve a study of the Growth Commission report and be attended by SNP depute leader Keith Brown, can now be revealed by The National.

The event is being held on Saturday, November 24, from 10am to 5.30pm at The Albert Halls in Stirling.

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Tickets are available now at: and for more details, contact the registry at

The registry told The National: “In Gathering#1 we began a process of discussion and assessment of issues felt to be collectively important to us as a grassroots movement.

“Gathering#2 will concentrate on opening up discussions on the key issues we agree as essential to effective indyref2 campaigning, defined collectively as ‘How We Win’. Central to this is understanding how the UK’s media and political establishment consistently and negatively frame key arguments for establishing Scottish independence.

“This technique is Westminster’s most important manipulation tool, and its effective use normalises Scotland’s democratic deficit within the UK.

“Once the principles of re-framing are discussed, participants will work through the various elements of campaigning needed to build a comprehensive grassroots menu of agreed priorities, and the most effective ways to deliver those across all our varied communities.”

The registry added that as an important part of this wider undertaking, Gathering#2 has also been chosen as the vehicle to launch the official grassroots consultation process on the report by the Scottish Growth Commission.

They stated: “This is the wider Yes movement’s opportunity to open up debate and give voice to individuals and organisations outwith previous consultation requirements of SNP party membership.

“SNP depute leader Keith Brown and representatives of the Growth Commission will attend on the day, to assist our discussions and provide clarity on the report’s findings.”

Jason Baird of the registry said: “Gathering#2 will build on the participatory format pioneered successfully at last May’s event.

“We aim to continue expanding the Gathering’s participation as widely as possible across the movement and beyond the limitations of a live event held on a single day. The launch of the newly expanded IndyApp and its ability to host secure forum discussions across the NYR’s existing local group network will ensure that Gathering#2 can become the starting point of consultation and discussion for any independence supporter who downloads this final version of IndyApp and becomes a member of a local group.”