MSPs will be given a vote on any Brexit deal the UK Government manages to secure from Brussels, the Scottish Government has promised.

Michael Russell, Scotland’s Brexit Secretary, told Holyrood yesterday that if Theresa May managed to agree a withdrawal agreement and a political declaration, then “before the Westminster Parliament votes on that deal, the Scottish Government will seek to ensure the Scottish Parliament can pass its own judgement on it”.

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He added: “On this most crucial of matters, Scotland must be and will be heard.”

Russell also said that he believed a no-deal was more likely, and that the government’s preparations for this had now intensified.

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UK Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab confrirmed there are preparations for a 'worst-case scenario' deal

He told MSPs: “The premise of all my previous statements to the chamber has been that there are ongoing negotiations of substance and that the UK is working towards a plan. I am no longer confident that this is the case.

“The fact that they are talking of hiring boats, packing motorways with lorries and stockpiling medicines illustrates the vacuum in leadership in the UK, which is resulting in measures unprecedented in peacetime.

“That cannot be willed away by any of us. A decision to maintain membership of the European single market and customs union would both secure a withdrawal agreement and provide the clarity needed on the future relationship.

“If the UK Government put this option on the table then we will commit ourselves to support it.

“But without such a proposal we will reject every other option short of staying in the EU as all deliver not progress but a succession of unacceptable and damaging bad deals, or ultimately no deal at all.”

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Russell’s comments followed warnings from UK Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab that the government were also preparing for the “worst-case scenario”.

In the Commons, SNP MP Peter Grant pointed Raab towards National Audit Office warnings over no-deal preparations and told him: “That’s on top of the 80,000 Scottish jobs and £2300 out the pockets of every Scottish household and 9% hit to our economy that a no-deal Brexit is likely to bring.

“Is the Secretary of State seriously telling us that it’s possible for him and the Prime Minister to bring back a bad deal that is worse than that?”

Raab replied: “He’s right to point to the risks of no deal but the point is to have the planning and preparations in place to make sure we can avoid or mitigate those risks.

“In addition to the remarks I made earlier, there’s £8 million of funding announced for customs intermediaries.

“We also need to prepare for the worst-case scenario where the authorities at Calais are deliberately directing a go-slow approach by supporting a diversion of the flow to more amenable ports in other countries.”

Meanwhile, there were warning that the price of mince would go up 50% in the event of no Brexit deal.

The meat industry warned that burgers, spaghetti bolognese and shepherd’s pie could become luxury items out of the reach of many families.

Speaking at a National Farmers’ Union conference in London, Katie Doherty, policy director of the International Meat Trade Association said: “It would be a significant price rise and it’s a valued product to the consumer, not just used in spag bol but also lasagne and koftas.”

She said a no-deal Brexit would lead to huge food inflation, with World Trade Organisation tariffs meaning beef imports would be on average 62% more expensive across all cuts.

Sheep meat would be up 57%, and pork and poultry up 32% and 31% respectively in a WTO scenario.

“These aren’t tariffs that you can just absorb into your business.”