The National:

WHISPER it, but is the BBC's Question Time very slowly coming to its senses?

Well, that might be a bit premature, but there is at least one sign of hope for those of us in Scotland.

Obviously impressed by the show in Edinburgh, the producers have seen fit not to wait three months between inviting a politician representing Scotland to appear.

In fact, this week's edition, live from Barrow-in-Furness, features an SNP MP.

Is the show finally trying to work on its statistically shown bias against the UK's second-largest political party?

That information was in Pat Kane's column earlier this month, in case you missed it.

Here's who we have on the show this week:

  • SNP MP and culture spokesperson Hannah Bardell
  • Labour MP Lisa Nandy
  • Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns
  • Financial Times journalist Sebastian Payne (previously of the Spectator and Telegraph)
  • Journalist and author Paul Mason

With Mike Russell, Kezia Dugdale and Ross Thomson appearing as incredibly recently as October 11, it's progress of a kind. Even if somewhat slow.

Now, if the BBC could just make a habit of this, and be less fond of far-right guests...