The National:

"BACK so soon?" I hear you ask. There's good reason for that.

Remember that awful justification of the two-child limit from Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne? Well one MSP had the perfect response.

WATCH: Tory MSP's response so brutal even her colleague can't watch

Ballantyne had earlier said that "people on benefits should not be able to have as many children as they like". Honestly, she did.

It clearly riled the SNP's Tom Arthur, who when it was his turn to speak came across as a man who has been bursting at the seems to respond.

Arthur argues that Labour's position, while not one he subscribes to himself, is at least a point of view that can be reasonably argued. He then turns his attention to Ballantyne's position and his passionate retort treats it with the contempt it deserves.

Watch the full clip below (and thank you to @GrahamP58).