The National:

EARLIER today, Ukip leader Gerard Batten helped host far-right figure Tommy Robinson at a lunch in the House of Lords.

SNP MP Stewart McDonald wasn't happy. He raised a point of order after Prime Minister's Questions, calling on the parliamentary authorities to take action. 

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He said: “It's entirely correct that members of both houses engage in robust political debate around the parliamentary estate, but today we have learned that yesterday, the violent, racist thug and fraudster known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, or Tommy Robinson, was invited on to the estate and wined and dined in the House of Lords.

“Mr Speaker, I understand that sometimes we have to engage with views that one might not agree with, but surely, surely the fact that a man who is as guilty as he is on stirring up racial hatred, organising violent thuggish crimes around the country, setting up the EDL and everything that comes with it, crosses a line.

“And such a person shouldn't be invited to walk amongst us on the parliamentary estate.”

The Speaker couldn't act, but agreed Robinson was “a loathsome, obnoxious, repellent individual".

So, how did Batten react to his guest being described as such?

He compared McDonald to the Nazis.

Batten Tweeted: "Sickening spectacle of Scots ‘National Socialist’ MP @StewartMcDonald lying about Tommy Robinson in the Commons. Will he make the statement outside where he does not have immunity from libel action? Is he man enough? Or is he a moose loose in the hoose?"

He really thinks that last line is funny, doesn't he?

Batten is fooling no-one with his "National Socialist" line, we all know the reference he is making. Though it's normally Ukip being associated with that party – so he was probably looking for any excuse to turn the table, no matter how desperate.

And if he had not made his position clear enough, his followers certainly did.

Maybe they should have a look at Ukip's electoral results in Scotland...