BLOCKCHAIN is the buzz word of the moment as the technology spreads around the world but could it even help bring independence for Scotland?

That’s the question the Yes DIY movement will want to ask after yesterday’s announcement of the start of a historic poll, which could shape both the future of the country and the way people vote, thanks to its use of Blockchain technology.

Open for voting on the free ClearPoll app until October 30, participation is open only to those currently in Scotland, and will ask citizens if they ‘want Scotland to become an independent country.’

The project has been developed by ClearPoll, in conjunction with community dialogue ongoing via the voluntary YesDayScotland media portal, which has centred on investigative reporting on emerging global blockchain democracy potentials over recent years.

The vote – which is digitally secure – will, for the first time provide an impartial view on the current climate in Scottish politics.

YesDayScotland says: “Scotland’s Government has already confirmed that the future of Scotland’s democracy is to be underpinned with blockchain distributed ledger technology. This was announced in collaboration with Edinburgh’s Wallet Services, the Government’s blockchain public infrastructure partner, on July 31.

“The capabilities for Scotland as defined on an ongoing basis via YesDayScotland’s founder Nicholas Russell, have already been acknowledged in Scotland’s Parliament by MSP Jenny Gilruth.

“The next phase of global blockchain-powered polling, will incorporate verified citizen identities. That is envisaged as a further game-changer for global polling itself.

“In considering Scotland’s future, campaigning network Business for Scotland has called in the last few weeks for The Scottish Common Blockchain to be established.

“A permanent blockchain democracy platform will firstly render the previous archaic referendum process as obsolete.

“The platform can gauge national opinions in a totally new, and more relevant way, in a befitting and permanent modernised way.

“The digital and secured nature of future blockchain-based opinions with verified participant identities, it is hoped, will widen the democratic process for many, whom the paper ballot can leave out.”

Russell said the polling is an “unprecedented” opportunity.

He said: “It’s great to see the support for this project defined from MP Martin Docherty-Hughes, who is Scotland’s Westminster Blockchain Leader.

“The one week poll is open to anyone in Scotland with a smartphone.”