The National:

THERE have been plenty brass necks around today on the issue of the Glasgow women's pay dispute, but we may just have found the brassiest. 

Seriously, there should be some sort of award for this.

Sky News correspondant James Matthews was in Glasgow today to cover the strike, looking to interview people taking part.

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At one point during the live coverage, he approaches a man in the crowd that looks suspiciously like Labour MP Hugh Gaffney.

Apparently not realising who Gaffney is, Matthews asks him why he is protesting.

The Labour MP says that women have "waited long enough" and that "when people wait too long for something to come, there comes a time to stand up".

That's funny, we didn't see you out protesting when it was your party running the Glasgow City Council, Hugh.

Gaffney is then asked if he is from the the Communication Workers Union.

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You think he'd maybe come clean then ... he doesn't.

He's then asked "Have Labour let you down?" – an even better opportunity to come clean.

Does he admit that he's a sitting Labour MP? Of course he doesn't, he instead sees it as an opportune moment to blame SNP cuts for the action – not the 10 years his party spent fighting against these women when they ran the council.

Watch the full clip below: