The National:

Now first of all, we want to make clear that this is not about the women involved in the strikes. There is no question that they deserve to be paid what they are due, and as quickly as possible. It is disgraceful that it has taken so long.

The SNP administration in Glasgow needs to get its act together and sort this out as quickly as possible.

But we also need to recognise the sheer, breathtaking hypocrisy of the Labour Party, who ran the council for ten years, fought this claim every step of the way and spent millions in the courts trying to ensure that these women DIDN’T get paid what they were due.

With that in mind let's have a look at some tweets that bring that hypocrisy to light.

First up, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, who commends the "courageous" women for fighting for so long against the very party he is Branch Office leader of.

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Next we have Labour fanboy Owen Jones, who says that rights and freedoms are won by the "struggle from below", forgetting that these women struggled for many years against the party that he supports.

Labour MP Lesley Laird says that these women "deserve our support", it's a shame that wasn't the attitude of her party when they ran Glasgow City Council.

If you why Jeremy Corbyn is stuck behind "don't know" in a recent poll as to who should be next Prime Minister, it's because of stuff like this:

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"Scottish trolls" probably isn't the best tactic when trying to win back voters north of the Border who deserted your party a long time ago.

Rhea Wolfson has been out striking with the women of Glasgow about a pay dispute those very women had with the party she is a parliamentary candidate for.

"I owe everything I have to the 7 women who provide care for me day in day out" says a candidate for the party which fought for years saying they owed them nothing.

But at least there are still a few reasonable voices in the Labour Party on this. Step forward Labour councillor Martin Lennon.