The National:

THOUSANDS of women are striking in Glasgow during the next 48 hours over pay inequality.

The dispute involves carers, cleaners and caterers across the city who demand that the council return to “meaningful negotiations” to deliver settlements over pay.

So how did this begin?

Pay inequality has been an issue in Glasgow City Council for decades under the previous Labour administrations. In 2006 a new scheme was introduced to tackle the issue.

However, as it was a Labour-run council, unsurprisingly they only made things worse...

Now it's down to the SNP to fix the mess, and negotiations have stalled.

Both the leader of Scottish Labour, Richard Leonard, and Jeremy Corbyn have offered their solidarity to the strikers. However, everyone on Twitter is making the exact same point.

The previous Labour council spent a whopping £2.5 million to fight equal pay claims from female staff... so much for solidarity.

Here's how it's gone down on Twitter.