The National:

THE latest YouGov poll has just been published and it doesn't make good reading Theresa May, far less the leader of the opposition.

Those surveyed were asked the question "Which of the following do you think would make the best Prime Minister?" and given the options "Theresa May", "Jeremy Corbyn" and "don't know". 

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Thirty-eight per cent of the 1649 respondents opted for the current Prime Minister, well ahead of the leader of the opposition, who received a paltry 24%.

Most damningly for Corbyn, however, is that 35% of those polled chose "don't know", which roughly translates as "In a population of 66 million, are these really my only two options?!".

The poll also found that 41% of those surveyed would vote Conservative if a General Election was held tomorrow, with Labour coming in second with 36%. Nine per cent selected LibDems (remember them?), while 13% chose "other".