The National:

IT all went very, very wrong for the BBC's Reporting Scotland last night.

Whether you react with sympathy or laughter may vary – but presenter Sally Magnusson did little to hide her feelings.

"This a complete mess," she exclaimed – though some social media users have insisted this was a more general reflection.

It began when the presenter's autocue failed while explaining a story about work on the Glasgow School of Art.

Audio from the producers in the gallery could be heard in the background too, and she was left stumbling through the piece.

"There's a bit of confusion in the gallery, just waiting for instructions here," she admitted.

As Magnusson gave a death stare to the camera, they eventually found the next bit of script. That didn't last long, and it cut off again.

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"Sorry about this, this is a complete mess. We'll see what happens next."

Well, what did happen next?

She began to read something else, before shaking her head and skipping on to the next story.

There was a silver lining though – the excellent responses on social media.

At least this lowers the bar for the new BBC Scotland channel to be a success.