The National:

WE were fully aware that Conservative MPs have little understanding of Scotland – but it seems even our accent is too much now.

Sir Paul Beresford MP, who represents Mole Valley, Surrey, was answering questions about the parliamentary estate.

Some background: Beresford was born in New Zealand in 1946, and grew up in the country. By 1978 he was elected as a councillor to London's Wandsworth Borough Council, and was its leader through much of Thatcher's rule.

David Linden, SNP MP for Glasgow East, was one of those asking a question today.

He said: "I know from speaking to a number of parliamentary colleagues that there are still certain aspects of the estate, including the northern estate, that are not great for people with disabilities.

"Can I ask the honourable gentleman what work is being done to make this place more accessible, particularly for some of our colleagues who have a disability?"

You can watch the clip above and judge for yourself how hard that was to understand, because the Tory MP replied: "I'm sorry, it must be something to do with my Antipodean background. Could he please repeat the question, because I didn't follow it."

Linden patiently asked again, taking it a little slower to help the MP understand his exotic Scottish accent.

It wasn't enough. Beresford again responded: "I'm really sorry. Please could he do it very slowly and in Antipodean English."

At that point, deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle intervened: "I think the answer might be helped if you can reply in writing, when you'll read it."

Linden tweeted out a hilarious response later too: 

Maybe Theresa May could adopt this tactic when she's struggling with SNP questions at PMQs? Their Scottish accent is a little strong – we'll just have to put it off until later...

Labour MP Chris Elmore got up to ask the next question, and he had the perfect concluding line: "I'm Welsh, so God help him."

Beresford's struggle has made the rounds too. Even the Washington Post has an article on it!