The National:

THE British media may have pushed it as one of the biggest stories of the week, but many of us haven't given the announcement of yet another royal baby the time of day.

According to a YouGov poll, out of all the regions in Britain, Scotland is the least interested in the news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting.

To the surprise of literally nobody, figures show only 23% of Scots care about Meghan's pregnancy, as opposed to 41% of people in the south of England and 36% of people in the north.

Across Britain only 35% of people were bothered that the couple, who just broadcast their £32 million (according to Bride Book) wedding to a country suffering from years of Tory austerity, would soon be welcoming another tax-funded angel into the world – imagine that!

People in Wales and the Midlands weren't too excited about the joyous news either. Some 64% of people there said they explicitly were not interested in the announcement, not far off the 71% in Scotland who say they're not bothered.

Back before their wedding in May, we heard lots about how Meghan and Harry were supposed to re-energise the ageing royal family.

Maybe the monarchy's PR people need to rethink their marketing strategy ...