I WANT to start by saying that I welcome all of those who regrettably voted No in 2014 and have since made the journey from No to Yes. David Cox being one (We’re on our way..., October 16).

I too was working in 2014 and had many work and family commitments, but none of these would stop me “finding the time” to examine the case for independence and also examine the case put forward by the biased media.

Yes David, it would have taken a “leap of faith” but any new fledgling country will always need a leap of faith in taking that first step. It was our chance and we came so close. I am afraid the No voters at that time whose “hearts were strongly and emotionally Yes” have – through their actions, albeit inadvertently – put us in the position we are in now.

David mentions the personalities “being wheeled out” to support the “emotionally loaded comments” in support of Yes. This made him “doubt the integrity of the Yes campaigners’ case and substance”. Well, when I witnessed the arrival of our “imperial masters” at Glasgow Central, the personalities who pleaded with us to stay in the Union like Eddie Izzard and John Barrowman, and when even our own Scotland team football manager urges a “Better Together” vote, my Yes in the box was just reinforced.

I want to finish by reiterating that all No to Yes voters are welcomed, as we need to win over the support of the majority of voters in Scotland to make independence a reality.

Hector MacLean

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THE “threat” to resign by Ruth Davidson and David Mundell if Scotland attempts to disembark from the Brexit Titanic is an abrogation of responsibility. It also confirms the Ulsterisation of Scotland by the Unionist parties.

For the last four years the clarion call from Ruth Davidson and her fanatical band of Tory bigots has been “respect the result”. They claim 2014 “settled” the question of Scottish independence for all eternity. By kowtowing to the DUP, Mundell and Davidson are ignoring the two-thirds of Scots who voted to remain. No doubt when Thersa May heard Mundell’s threat to resign her response was “who?”.

Mundell isn’t significant enough to be a footnote and will be nothing more than a punchline.

Since the 2014 independence referendum there have two General Elections and an EU referendum. In them Scotland voted SNP, SNP and Remain. What we got was Tory government, Tory government and hard Brexit.

Brexit is a rotting carcass. The determination of Davidson and Mundell to keep Scotland clinging to it at any cost shows they no longer speak for Scottish voters.

Tories don’t believe in climate science or health and safety laws. All of these things are impediments to making their donors more money. Tories have no morals. Greed is good in their world. The Tory Unionists and Brexiteers repeatedly lie to the public in order to cater to the conspiracy-minded lunatic fringe who will believe anything.

Alan Hinnrichs

AN interesting quote from Fluffy Mundell and Tank Commander Davidson: “The integrity of the United Kingdom is the single most important issue”. Well now we know – not the economy or the health and wellbeing of the people of the land they purport to represent (or their safety), but keep the band on the road, no matter what it takes.

An unusual display of truth-telling by two politicians not renowned for it. Cards FINALLY on the table.

Sounds like they’re saying: “If you don’t negotiate a deal which will almost certainly cause a deterioration of almost everyone’s living standards and create severe problems for Irish people, then we’ll resign.” (Ahm no’ haudin mah breath waitin’ oan the big event).

Barry Stewart

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WELL said, Julia Pannell (Letters, October 16). Sometimes we just need to get on with it indeed. If we have “all our facts and figures straight” our Unionist controllers

of most of the media will soon unstraighten them for us and leave us mired in diversionary arguments if we waste our time engaging with them. I was marching with the 120,000 on October 6. We were all arguing about what currency we would use and where we’d get the money to buy the porridge for our sojjers. Not.

We have crossed a bridge over the last two years. Even the most of the mice now understand we can’t possibly be any worse run than the UK routinely is, and all sensible people know we are just as able as anybody else to run our own country. When somebody suggests we might take a financial “hit” by becoming independent I just say: “Och,we’ll soon sort that out”.

David McEwan Hill

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IT is both encouraging and expected that recent polls are placing the Yes group ahead of the Nos. It is evident that the “canny Scot” is in the ascendant and that the “cannae” pessimists are losing the argument. More and more in due course will join the winning team, and for our final wellbeing the ultimate goal of independence cannot come soon enough.

J Hamilton

I WAS delighted to read in the Sunday National that the amazing story of Isabella MacDuff features in Rosemary Goring’s new book of Scottish heroines, Scotland: Her Story (Scottish Life, October 14).

Given the bravery she showed in defying the will of her husband to stand up for Scotland’s right to national self-determination, and to assert her own rights as a woman nearly 500 years before Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, I have often wondered whether we might justly call her Scotland’s first feminist?

David Kelly

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