The National:

It wouldn't be a day in Scottish politics if Tory MP Ross Thomson wasn't off somewhere putting his foot in it.

Thomson, who seems to be running a one-man hard Brexit campaign on behalf of the Scottish Tories, found himself being resolutely schooled on the Good Friday Agreement while appearing on the BBC.

When Thomson tried to tell Fine Gael's EU Spokesperson Neale Richmond that there was no such thing as a hard Brexit when it came to the border, he snapped back "As someone who grew up in the Good Friday Agreement period, I’m not going to take a lecture about what this is".

He then went on to further explain the commitments to open trade that are outlined in the Good Friday Agreement.

Commentor Gerry Hassan commented that Thomson had been "humiliated" during the exchange on Politics Live, before claiming that, like many Tory Brexiteers, Thomson "doesn't know what he is talking about".