A MAJOR fundraising campaign that is aiming to keep support for independence above 50% in the polls has already received more than £19,000.

Organisers want to put together a successful campaign, staffed with full-time employees, that will work alongside grassroots activists in the Yes movement.

Announced by the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC), the campagin, if implemented, will provide the Yes movement with media handling, strategic support, resources, messaging and the administrative capacity to work with the hundreds of thousands of undecided people in Scotland who could back independence.

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The website – www.thisisit.scot – was launched this morning and many Yes supporters have not delayed in pledging their cash to the cause.

Before the website was launched, Elaine C Smith, convenor of SIC, said: “The dream of independence for Scotland has been kept alive by all the various groups who keep working, campaigning and marching. That work has been phenomenal at times.

“The last two years have allowed us to contact and include as many of the indy groups out there as we can, to set up a proper structure in which to operate, initiate much-needed research, set up a campaign group and organise two very large conferences and all done with no funding.

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“Now we’d like your help to get an official campaign up and running to allow us to help organise further."