THE Tory “branch office” conundrum and dilemma has finally been revealed, laid bare by the latest sotto voce threats from David Mundell and Ruth Davidson to Theresa May. They will resign if May’s actions over the EU lead to Scottish independence.

Such irony. The branch will have to accept what the Westminster leader says and does. That is the ultimate and inescapable fact of being in the incorporating Union of 1707.

If they resign, Number 10 will replace them.

If Westminster decides to break the Union of 1707, it can be done and be rid of the pesky Scots and the minority Unionist branches from north of the Tweed, then the Unionist branches are also out!

David Mundell is not even in the inner sanctum of the Brexit war cabinet. He did not even resign then; Ruth Davidson did not protest that Scotland was not even represented.

The illusion of being in the Union certainly did overwhelm the reality that even the Scots Tories are mere pawns for window dressing to make it look good!

John Edgar

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