JUST a few days ago, Scottish Brexit Secretary Michael Russell said that Scotland was not being listened to after he emerged from a recent Joint Ministerial Committee meeting.

Today, in the open of the House of Commons, we got to see MPs literally not listening as the SNP's Peter Grant delivered his speech as part of the Brexit debate held in Parliament.

Theresa May was making a statement to the Commons just two days before she travels to Brussels for a summit at which it had initially been hoped to finalise the UK's withdrawal agreement.

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And we're not talking about the usual heckling from the benches, that happened while May and the leader of the opposition were talking. This was different.

As Grant spoke, more and more muttering from MPs talking amongst themselves continued to build for a full TWO MINUTES until Speaker of the House John Bercow finally intervened to ask them to be quiet.

As soon as Grant continued, however, the talking started again, drowning out the SNP voice.

Note how the MPs stop when May rises to respond to the points raised by Grant.