The National:

A TORY Brexiteer has revealed an astounding level of ignorance towards the Irish border problem, by claiming that everyone in England is entitled to an Irish passport.

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, was appearing on Stephen Nolan’s Radio 5 Live show last night when he made the astonishing claim.

When asked if he was committed to ensuring that Northern Ireland was not treated differently to the rest of the UK after Brexit, Bridgen responded: “I am, yes.”

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Nolan responded that the Conservatives already accept that Northern Ireland is different given that they will still have the right to be EU citizens.

A clearly uninformed Bridgen then said: “Well that’s the Common Travel Area as well, isn’t it? We do have the right to go over to Ireland, don’t we?

“As an English person I have the right to go to Ireland, I believe I can ask for a passport, can’t I?”

He added: “I’m sure that currently there is a reciprocal agreement where I can go to Ireland and ask for an Irish passport and someone from Ireland can come to the UK and ask for a British passport.

“We have that system, that’s the system we have.”

No, we don’t.

Then, when asked by a dumbfounded Nolan if he truly believes such an agreement exists, Bridgen replied: “I can apply for Irish citizenship, yes.”

Twitter was quick to mock the befuddled Brexiteer:

Unfortunately Mark is correct, they are making it up as they go along.