TODAY sees the launch of a major fundraising drive to set up a new campaign organisation that will aim to take support for independence consistently above 50% in the polls.

If successfully funded, organisers say a full-time and staffed campaign body will be created that will work alongside the tens of thousands of activists in the grassroots independence movement to achieve that goal.

They say the as-yet-unnamed campaign body will provide the Yes movement with media handling, strategic support, resources, messaging and the administrative capacity to work with the hundreds of thousands of undecided people in Scotland who could back independence.

The fundraiser – which has a website at – has been announced by the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC), an umbrella collective of Scotland’s national pro-independence groups, political parties and representatives from regional Yes groups. SIC has already commissioned a top design agency to help develop these plans, as well as large-scale, in-depth public engagement research, which it says will provide the new campaign body with the best start possible.

SIC convenor Elaine C Smith said: “The dream of independence for Scotland has been kept alive by all the various groups who keep working, campaigning and marching. That work has been phenomenal at times.

“The last two years have allowed us to contact and include as many of the indy groups out there as we can, to set up a proper structure in which to operate, initiate much-needed research, set up a campaign group and organise two very large conferences and all done with no funding.

“Now we’d like your help to get an official campaign up and running to allow us to help organise further.

“At almost every meeting or event I have attended over the past four years I have been bowled over by the self organising and work that is going on across the country. However, I am always asked about a central place/facilitating organisation/resource hub that can distribute and communicate what’s going on to all the other groups.

That’s what we aim to try and provide. We know there is huge commitment and expertise out there already so I envisage there will also be many volunteers who will be a big part of the new structure too.”

Woman for Independence, a SIC member organisation said: “WFI has worked tirelessly on many gender-based issues and on furthering the cause of independence since 2014. Our members and committee, like the SIC members and committee, have done this on a voluntary basis.

“This funded initiative by the SIC will allow our WFI members and the grassroots movement as a whole to pull together, collaborate on research, projects and campaigns in order to show the positive case for an independent Scotland that will not only be fairer for women but for everyone who calls Scotland their home.”

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford backed the drive, saying: “I am delighted with this initiative. I have a burning desire to see a fairer and wealthier Scotland and the delivery of an inclusive open society – independence offers that opportunity. We need to inspire the people of Scotland to come with us on the journey to independence.”

The Scottish Green Party’s Maggie Chapman added: “I want our next campaign for independence to be our last campaign for independence, because we must win it. A strong and effective campaign organisation will be crucial to that success, and that is what SIC is determined to deliver.”

The National columnist Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug) said: “I’m proud to be a part of this campaign. It’s time. Time to work. Time to build. Time to make our better Scotland real. We can only do it by pulling together, by collaboration and cooperation, because the way we campaign for our better Scotland will define that Scotland once we win it.”

In the SIC’s fundraising video, MP Philippa Whitford said the organisation “will give you the strategic tools you need … to reach undecided voters and give them the information they need to back independence”.

Pat Kane tweeted: “A huge thumbs up to the SIC – aiming to build a communications, strategy & campaign hub, which will support & fuel our wonderfully diverse indy movement ... please support them when they ask for financial support – this’ll be crucial to a Yes win.”

Pensioners for Independence’s Mary McCabe added: “Great to see all the new Yes groups getting off their marks. SIC will provide the necessary unity. ‘We must indeed hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately’ (Ben Franklin).”

An SIC spokesperson said: “This is what our well-resourced opponents have feared since 2014 – bringing together the power of the independence movement and getting more organised than ever.

“This is our chance to build on our immensely strong base and if this campaign set-up gets the funds it needs, its purpose will be to drive support for independence further than ever.

“No matter when a referendum is held, the work to make this happen can begin – the power is in your hands.”