KEZIA Dugdale has admitted that the case for independence will be strengthened by a no-deal Brexit.

The former Scottish Labour leader said her pro-Union position will not change as a result, but that "many others" would switch to a Yes vote.

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Dugdale made the comments on Question Time last night, broadcast from the Scottish Parliament.

An audience member said a poll released that day showed over 80% of English Brexiteers would be happy to pay the price of Scottish independence to secure Brexit.

The National:

Dugdale responded: "I think it’s very desperately sad. The question started with will a no-deal Brexit lead to a second independence referendum, will it change minds … I’m afraid it won’t change my mind but I understand why it would change so many others.

"Because there is no good Brexit. There is no jobs-first Brexit. The first thing that we go when we leave the European union are the jobs that support so many Scots – not least in the city, where 25% of people work in the financial sector.

"People are really worried just now and we have to do everything we can to stop Brexit. It’s the only way we can protect jobs, employment rights."

Having just described the devastation Brexit will bring to Scotland, Dugdale was asked by host David Dimbleby if she'd back independence over Brexit.

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She replied: "I’ve thought long and hard about this and got myself into trouble on the issue from time to time, but I believe in unions – of people and nations. Collectivism is the best way to operate as a country. That’s my belief system.

"But I do understand and fully respect why some people, and I do think it’s just some people, are reconsidering what they think."

She was appearing alongside Scottish Brexit minister Mike Russell, author Val McDermid, Tory MP Ross Thomson and Spectator editor Fraser Nelson on the BBC's show.