I CHOKED on my cornflakes this morning, firstly reading the Tory peer’s comment about London paying Scotland’s bills on the front page of my digital edition of The National, and following that Michael Heseltine’s galling statement that he is appalled by the prospect of fracturing the UK and asking if independence will change very much in Scotland. Can someone inform him of the changes we already enjoy due to our own government in Edinburgh mitigating his Tory party cuts?

The effrontery and total ignorance shown by these remarks are mind-boggling, and how hypocritical as the Tories fight among themselves for independence from Brussels! They don’t recognise how two-faced their views are when comparing our desire to leave Westminster domination to theirs to leave EU!! They don’t want Brussels to dictate to Whitehall but refuse to recognise our desire to be free from Westminster’s grasp! We need to run our own affairs and have our needs considered by our own government here in Scotland.

Elizabeth Cameron