The National:

IT has been suggested in the past that, when it comes down to it, there really isn't a whole lot separating Labour and the Tories – particularly when it comes to Scotland.

In this instance however, it's a gaffe on UK politics that's given more credence to that assertion.

And it comes courtesy of Progress, "Labour party members promoting a radical, progressive politics".

Baiscally, they're a Blairite bunch.

On their Twitter account, Progress decided to express their disgust with the Tory Party ... something we can all get behind.

With a hashtag of #StillWithHer, they shared an image quoting Hillary Clinton on "the cowardice of the Conservative Party in Europe".

It read: "It's disheartening to watch Conservatives in Brussels vote to shield Viktor Orban from censure, including British Tories. They've come a long way from the party of Churchill and Thatcher."

Yes. This wing of the Labour Party are lamenting their opposition's fall from the days of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

If the Tories had indeed "come a long way" from Churchill and Thatcher, that might actually mark some progress. Have they though?

Meanwhile, Progress chose to glorify the days of genocidal colonialism and a fierce hatred for trade unions. 

It's quite something – as people responding pointed out.

Some history lessons are in order it seems...