The National:

WITH Question Time coming to Scotland, the debate on independence is bound to come up.

Tonight's show in Edinburgh, which we'll be live-blogging, sees the Unionists outnumbering the pro-independence panellists by three to two.

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So, that got us wondering ... since the independence referendum on September 18, 2014, how many panellists have been pro-union, and how many pro-independence?

We suspect the results won't surprise our readers.

Excluding Janet Street-Porter, because we can't quite find sufficient evidence on her view, there have been 57 panellists appearing on Question Time shows in Scotland since the referendum. That includes tonight.

Of those panellists, 34 have been in favour of the Union, and only 23 in favour of independence. That's not quite 55%-45%, is it? It's actually 60%-40%.

In the interests of transparency and in order to facilitate debate on whether we've unfairly put someone on one of the sides, here's who we have...

On the Unionist side, we're counting: Alex Massie, Annabel Goldie, Ben Wallace, Caroline Flint, Charles Falconer, Chris Bryant, Danny Alexander, David Mundell (x3), Emily Thornberry (x2), Fraser Nelson, Jenny Marra, Kezia Dugdale (x4), Kwasi Karteng (x2), Mark Littlewood, Meryn Somerset Webb (x4), Rory Stewart, Ross Thomson, Ruth Davidson (x3), Shami Chakrabarti, Tim Stanley, Toby Young, Willie Rennie

And on the pro-independence side: Billy Bragg, Brian Souter, Cat Boyd, Darren McGarvey, David Hayman, Humza Yousaf (x2), Jim Sillars, Joanna Cherry, John Nicolson (x2), John Swinney (x3), Kate Forbes, Keith Brown, Lesley Riddoch (x2), Mike Russell, Patrick Harvie, Val McDermid (x3)

The BBC are so keen on balance normally, aren't they? For example, earlier this week, when they gave a climate change denier airtime on Newsnight in the wake of a UN report showing the catastrophic risk it poses.

Hopefully the audience tonight will at least be balanced...