LAWYERS across Scotland will be encouraged to join forces with technology experts in a bid to encourage greater efficiency that will benefit both law firms and their clients.

The Law Society of Scotland has launched LawscotTech to stimulate legal technology innovation in Scotland which will deliver practical benefits for those working in the justice and legal sectors and their clients. LawscotTech will provide support from concept stage through to taking a product or service to market.

Paul Mosson, executive director of Member Services and Engagement at the Law Society of Scotland, said: “We think there is enormous potential to develop technology-based solutions specifically for the legal sector.

“There have been great strides made in ‘fintech’ and we think there is scope to look at how we can use technology to resolve issues which are particular to lawyers and legal work.

“There has been huge change within the legal sector and it’s no longer enough to have an in depth knowledge of black letter law. Solicitors want to excel at running their business and provide high quality service for their clients. By creating an environment which supports innovative thinking and provides a mechanism to develop tech-based solutions specifically for the legal sector, we will be able to drive innovation which benefits Scottish solicitors and their clients.

“Through LawscotTech we will encourage solicitors to articulate the challenges they face and collaborate with technology firms, the academic community and other Scottish businesses to design new solutions.

“We plan to support the most promising concepts and work with those involved to deliver them to the market.”

Meanwhile the Law Society has asked its members to check on their mental health. Marking World Mental health day, the society’s head of engagement for high street solicitors Katie McKenna blogged about her journey in developing the Law Society’s mental health resource Lawscot Wellbeing.

McKenna wrote: “We launched our new resource on 14 May during Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 at event hosted by Peter Lawson, chairman of Burness Paull, alongside Kenny Robertson, head of legal at RBS, and Calum Irving, CEO of See Me. It was great to see so many of the profession in attendance with enthusiasm to change the status quo. I think one of the issues that powers the stigma surrounding mental health is a lack of confidence or awareness of how to start a conversation on the topic.

“That’s why one of the personal highlights of my work on improving wellbeing in the profession is becoming a Mental Health First Aider.

“We have marked World Mental Health Day and I would urge all our members to take a moment to assess how they are feeling and look at the resources available with a view to improving their own mental health. If you are worried about someone do not be afraid to ask if they are ok.”