CONGRATULATIONS to the Wee Ginger Dug for finding happiness again and for sharing with us the extraordinary parallel Scotland’s striving for independence has with his own experience (My four-year journey from despair to hope and joy, October 10).

He’s found joy, as can we in regaining our independence.

What inspires is his simple premise of the connection between individuals and the country they love, whether born here or not.

The political hinterland of the shambolic Westminster governance and its contemptuous disregard of the will of we Scots is key to the campaign, but it is the desire for freedom stimulating the drive for self-determination that is the bedrock of our nationhood ambition; our pride and love for our nation.

Best wishes to the Wee Ginger Dug. You’ve found personal hope again for your future. We can find the same hope for an independent Scotland’s future and take our rightful place in the international family of nations.

Jim Taylor

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