The National:

THERE'S much expectation on the new BBC Scotland channel, set to go live early next year ... but, judging by these latest announcements, don't hold your breath just yet.

With a goal of "reflecting Scottish life" and telling stories "from a Scottish perspective", the hope is that, particularly with politics, it can break free from past failings, and offer a view that isn't so London-centric.

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Today, the official Twitter account for the BBC Scotland press office had five "exciting announcements" about what to expect on the new channel.

So, what were those?

  1. There'll be a documentary on Scottish Instagram star Jamie Genevieve
  2. A show on the true story of a diver trapped at the bottom of the North Sea will premiere on the channel
  3. There will be more than 900 hours of commissioned and acquired content
  4. The People's News will see people from Scotland giving their take on big stories of the day
  5. River City and ScotSquad will be available on the new channel before BBC One

A welcome boost for River City fans, no doubt, but on the whole, "exciting" isn't quite the word that springs to mind.

This was a chance to really capture people's attention, showing how the new channel will open up fresh possibilities.

Instead, we got the news that River City will be on a little earlier.

Admittedly, number four on the list, inviting people from across Scotland to give their take on the big stories of the day, is an interesting one.

In theory, that should ensure more balance, reflecting views on issues such as independence ... but it's a big test for the BBC.

Because this is the same BBC that so often fails dismally in properly representing Scotland – for example in its Question Time panels.

We hope this isn't the best they have to offer.