Eat Well for Less? BBC1, 8pm

GREGG Wallace and Chris Bavin travel to Co Down in Northern Ireland to help the McKinstry family lower their food bill while eating more healthily. Videographer Gary and teacher Louise regularly buy ready meals from their butcher. Add this to a weekly supermarket shop and this family of six are spending serious cash. Gary and Louise want to save money and also want to lose a few pounds. Can Gregg and Chris wean the family off their expensive pre-made dinners and get their portion sizes under control?

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip, STV, 9pm

ONE of the TV highlights last Christmas was a tale of three wise chefs on a road trip. The Grand Tour-style show was begging for a follow-up, and here it is. The first of a three-parter begins with Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix exploring Gino’s homeland of Italy. His best friend is renewing his wedding vows and the trio travel round the country in a camper van, sampling amazing food and ensuring Marco and Clio’s vows renewal goes off without a hitch. All seems to be going smoothly until a power cut plunges the kitchen into darkness.

Press, BBC1, 9pm

DUNCAN tries to spend some quality time with his son but finds it difficult in the face of open hostility from his wife, Sarah. Holly struggles to separate her personal grievances from her professional ambitions, and threatens to expose Duncan’s relationship with sex worker Krystyna. James contacts an MI5 source ready to blow the whistle on the Government’s Resonance programme, and Ed has to examine his journalistic ethics.

Body Clock: What Makes Us Tick? BBC2, 9pm

WE all have an internal biological clock that governs our daily rhythms, including diet, general health and exercise patterns. But is it possible to manage the body clock better? Former commando Aldo Kane is locked in an abandoned nuclear bunker for 10 days with no way of telling the time and is monitored around the clock by evolutionary biologist Ella al-Shamahi and a team of scientists as he carries out a barrage of tests to uncover what makes the body clock tick. Meanwhile, two couples test advice on sleeping better and managing their time.