The National:

THERE'S always some satisfaction when the mask slips and Unionists reveal their true thoughts about the "equal partnership" – often because, as in this case, they're almost comically ridiculous.

This time, it's Tory peer Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, the Prime Minister's Trade Envoy for Iraq.

Nicholson saw a Tweet about Holyrood minister Fiona Hyslop on Sky News, who was making the point that the SNP will stand up for Scotland's interests amid the Brexit chaos. Scotland voted to remain.

So, what was the Baroness's response to calls for Scotland to stay in the single market and customs union?

"Important for sensible Scotland to recall who pays their bills;SE ENGLAND and the City of London.

"Indépendance to mean anything always includes Financial indépendance.Don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.... (and I'm half Scottish)."

It's hard to know where to start, isn't it? We'd be tempted to let the spelling mistake go (it should be "independence", not "independance") ... but the accent on the e too? Twice? Bizarre.

And we also have that familiar Unionist cry that "the City of London" and "south-east England" pay our bills. 

With the UK Government so intensely focused on those regions of England, neglecting everywhere else, perhaps it should come as no surprise that a Tory peer holds such a nonsense view.

Someone responded that Scots would be keen to point out North Sea oil revenues – a golden egg which the UK has its eye on.

She replied: "Sadly (I am half Scot) the oil revenues don't belong to Scotland as the sea map differs in international law from the land map.Very unfair,but that's life."

That's twice that Nicholson has mentioned she's half Scottish. She obviously really wants you to know this, as if even she realises how ridiculous her claims are.

The premise of her argument is simply wrong too – the UK Continental Shelf wouldn't exist after independence. Despite attempted swindles, the suggestion Scotland wouldn't have oil revenues after independence is hilariously off the mark.

This is who we have shaping our laws in the House of Lords. A legislature which, as we reported yesterday, wants to reform the Act of Union to "save the UK".

In light of views such as those tweeted by Baroness Nicholson, you'll have to forgive us for not trusting them.