EVERY week The National publishes an online article that lists Question Time's guests, and often than not there is no Scottish representation – not to mention the very few appearances from the UK's second biggest political party in terms of members.

This week the show comes to Edinburgh, we are waiting with bated breath to see who they've selected for their panel.

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In the meantime, it seems that Question Time has come in for some flak for a perceived imbalance when it comes to the MEPs that appear on the show.

According to the above table, there have been 35 Members of the European Parliament. Thirty-three of represented Ukip, while two are Conservatives.

There have, according to the table, been zero MEPs representing other political parties. The tweeter reckons the last pro-EU MEP to appear was Glenys Kinnock back in 2002.

The BBC has responded, saying that it doesn't book MEPs exclusively and that many pro-EU guests have appeared in that time.

The BBC added: "The parties on #bbcqt are there because people vote for them in elections – not just Westminster ones.

"So sometimes parties will be represented by MEPs, MSPs, AMs etc. It’s not just about how many MPs they have but about broader electoral support.

"#bbcqt isn’t a single-issue programme. During the formal referendum period QT ensured a balance between Brexit remainers & leavers.

"Since then the arguments are less binary so we don’t categorise panellists like that but we do aim to reflect a range of views over time."

That, however, did not placate many Twitter users who let their anger and disappointment be known. Here are just a few of the responses: