NOT being online at home, I had to wipe away my tears of pride to come to the library to send this letter. Watching the SNP conference on TV thus far has been, as usual, a joy and a pleasure. Seeing the faces of our Scottish MPs and MSPs whom we respect for the work they do for our country, and the happiness on the faces of the delegates, all people of one mind working for the benefit us all, is inspirational.

Particularly the atmosphere, which is infectious and tells us that this is not a stage-managed affair designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the Scottish people. And that there are no daggers in the background.

The many references to Theresa May and her dancing have been pointed but humorous and each time I was reminded of the great Scottish actor Duncan Macrae, in the Citizens Theatre’s famous 1949 pantomime The Tintock Cup – yes, I was there as a teenager, as was Stanley Baxter – with his line “Champ Dancer? – Dam’t Chancer!” That has featured in much of my family humour over the years and isn’t it fitting today?

Robert Johnston

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