Am I A Murderer? STV, 9pm

IN 1976, residents of New Mills in Derbyshire were stunned by the mysterious disappearance of farmer Fred Handford. Although police launched a missing persons investigation he was never found and detectives concluded Fred had committed suicide. However, Janet Holt, his business partner, had been plagued by nightmares since Fred’s disappearance and, with the help of a psychotherapist, she began to remember what happened on the day he vanished. Janet was convinced she had committed a murder. This film explores whether Janet’s recollection of committing the murder could be true.

Trust, BBC2, 9pm

THIS take on the Getty dynasty has been one of the TV highlights of the year. One of the key reasons is a terrific performance from Donald Sutherland as seasoned tycoon J Paul Getty, who refuses to give in to blackmail when his grandson is kidnapped. In episode five, Primo and Leonardo mobilise the local community.

The Apprentice, BBC1, 9pm

THE candidates are challenged to create a brand-new comic aimed at children, before pitching their ideas to leading industry figures to secure orders. The task balances creative flair with productive pitching and the team that forgets either could face a graphic showdown in the boardroom. As for the teams, while one PM takes an assertive lead, the other’s sub team leader seems to lose the plot. When creating their augmented reality front covers, the girls run riot while the boys struggle to make a move.

Magic Numbers: Hannah Fry’s Mysterious World of Maths, BBC4, 9pm

FOR many pupils, maths can be a dull subject. But with the right teacher even the most baffling subject can become as clear as day. Over the years, flame-haired numbers wiz Hannah Fry has done a fine job of introducing the issue to people who used to spend more time thinking about pies than pi. In the first of the new run, she looks at whether maths was invented or discovered.