INDEPENDENCE is inevitable as more and more people are realising that Scotland is one of the few countries, perhaps the only country, with five million people and ample natural resources that opts to be governed by another country (Nicola Sturgeon says that Scottish independence is inevitable, October 8).

There is no other country where three of the five political parties in its parliament are branches of parties from outside its jurisdiction.

Scottish voters are now observing the fiasco of Brexit, not a single Scottish MP on the Cabinet Brexit Committee, powers that were devolved to Scotland returning to Westminster for an indefinite period, Cabinet ministers about to acquire the power to rewrite these laws as they alone see fit and the representatives of the devolved parliaments being ignored by the UK Government.

Meanwhile in Westminster, where the UK Government is in thrall to a handful of DUP MPs, the Liberal Democrats have all but disappeared from the scene and the Conservative and Labour parties are unable to make crucial decisions on how the UK will leave the EU as they are being riven apart by internal conflicts in front of our eyes.

The question is no longer about independence but how much longer Scots will tolerate their country being governed by this chaotic cabal in Westminster.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

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