ON the eve of the SNP autumn conference a new survey has shown that if a General Election were held tomorrow, the SNP would be likely to take an additional four seats at Westminster.

A poll of over 1000 carried out by Survation found that the SNP are on 37% of the Westminster vote, with the Conservatives at 28%, Labour at 26% and the LibDems on 6%.

A seat calculation means that the SNP would therefore take an additional four seats at a General Election, taking their total to 39 MPs, with Labour losing three seats and the Conservatives losing one.

The SNP’s depute leader, Keith Brown, columnist for the Sunday National, said he was pleased by the poll.

“These figures are a fantastic boost for the SNP as we gather for our annual conference,” he said.

The telephone poll shows that on voting intention for the next Holyrood Parliament election, the SNP are sitting some 20 points ahead of the Conservatives, at 44% of the vote compared to 24% for the Tories for the first question constituency vote.

In that question Labour have 23% of the vote and the LibDems 8%.

On the list vote the SNP are at 40%, with the Conservatives in second place on 25%, Labour on 22% and the LibDems on 8%.

Voting intention for the Scottish Green Party is at 2%, meaning they would lose four seats in the Scottish Parliament which would potentially cause issues for the SNP who need their support as the other independence supporting party.

The poll shows that the SNP share of the vote for the Scottish Parliament has fallen slightly since the 2016

Holyrood election, with the Conservatives and Labour both making small gains.

Brown said that the SNP are not complacent about the level of support the party has.

He added: “Not only do they show we would gain four seats if a UK general election were held tomorrow – but after four years with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister the SNP are 20 points ahead in Holyrood voting intentions.

“However, we will never take the support of the people of Scotland for granted. As we will demonstrate over the next few days, the SNP is the only party offering a vision of hope in the face of Westminster despair.

“We want to build on our record of helping people with the cost of living, protecting the NHS and safeguarding jobs from Brexit.

“In the crucial months that lie ahead, we will continue working tirelessly to stand up for Scotland.”