A SENSATIONAL poll of SNP members shows that nine out of 10 members want a new public vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

Out of SNP members surveyed by YouGov, 89% said that they back a new referendum on Brexit, which will add to pressure on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Europe Minister Michael Russell to tell voters whether the SNP are prepared to back a second referendum or not.

The poll of 665 party members was conducted last week.

The survey reveals deep pessimism about the prospects for Scotland if it is forced to leave the European Union with members saying Brexit will be:

  • Bad for Scottish jobs: 89%
  • Bad for Scottish business: 90%
  • Bad for Scottish fishing fleets: 75%
  • Bad for Scottish farmers: 88%
  • Bad for Scottish schools and the NHS: 84%
  • Bad for protecting unique Scottish products: 82%

Michael Russell, cabinet secretary for constitutional relations, acknowledged the poll but told the Sunday National since Scotland and Northern Ireland have already rejected leaving the EU with 62.5% and 56% of voters respectively choosing Remain, a second vote isn’t meaningful unless there are guarantees about their continued status in Europe should the UK as a whole again vote to leave.

He said: “The so-called ‘People’s Vote’ is one possibility though the London-based campaign for that vote hasn’t yet got its head round the need to ensure that in Scotland and Northern Ireland the people have already rejected Brexit.

“They cannot be expected to do so again without some guarantee that they will be able to choose their own future if England still wants to go backwards with whatever shade of Brexit May manages to cobble together.”

“It is clear that SNP voters are overwhelmingly negative about the Tory chaos that is Brexit,” he added. “They correctly see the mess that is already being made and the huge difficulties ahead.”

But the chances of getting a People’s Vote may hang on whether the SNP uses its muscle in Westminster to back such a proposal when the crunch point on Brexit comes.

Asked what SNP MPs should do if faced with a People’s Vote amendment to Brexit legislation in the Westminster Parliament, a total of 79% say they should support it; just 8% want MPs to oppose the measure and a mere 13% say SNP MPs should abstain.

84% of party members want the SNP’s MPs to oppose any Brexit proposal brought forward by the Government.

The poll showed no less than 98% of SNP members believe Theresa May’s government is ignoring Scotland’s concerns about Brexit and 93% believe the UK will not get a good deal.

A spokesperson for the People’s Vote campaign said: “There is growing support in every part of the UK to give voters the democratic opportunity to cancel Brexit, and the SNP and people of Scotland have a crucial role to play to cleaning up a mess that is not of their making.”

“Regardless of Scotland’s constitutional future – and the People’s Vote campaign has no view one way or another on that important question – a People’s Vote offers us all a chance to keep Scotland, and the rest of the UK, in the EU now.

“As the vast majority of people in Scotland know, that is vital for jobs, investment, public services, citizens’ and workers’ rights and environmental protection.”