The National:

SCOTTISH Tory politicians really do find incredible ways to sink to whole new lows.

Both the First Minister and SNP depute leader have criticised Scottish Tory MP Luke Graham over a comment about foreign aid ... and it really is remarkable.

It all started with news the Scottish Government are providing £240,000 to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.

More than 1500 people are thought to be dead, missing or injured after last week's 7.5-magnitude tremor and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi, with up to 1.5 million people affected.

The cash will be given to aid agencies to provide food, clean drinking water, sanitation, shelter and healthcare, as well as helping survivors cope with the trauma.

Indeed, international development minister Ben Macpherson said: 
"We want Scotland to be a good global citizen and our Humanitarian Emergency Fund aims to provide emergency life-saving aid to those most in need."

When we saw this news, it made us proud of Scotland – "good global citizen" is exactly what we should be aiming for.

But, of course, that's not the case with the Union-focused Scottish Tories.

Graham, Scottish Tory MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, attacked the move on Twitter.

He said: "Why are @scotgov spending £240k on this? I support international aid, but it is @DFID_UK job & they have pledged £3m already – meanwhile I just spent most of the past week hearing how Scotgov cannot provide any money to local councils, including £30k for @THLTullibody in Clacks"

It's a staggeringly ignorant and embarrassing comment – which is roughly what we've come to expect from his party.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hit back: "Attacking the Scottish Government for making a contribution to the international aid effort for those affected by the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami – a disaster that has claimed more than 1500 lives – is surely a new low. This Tory MP should be utterly ashamed of himself."

And SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: "Astounding! Tory MP Luke Graham attacks Scottish Government aid for those that have lost everything, including members of their own family, due to the tsunami in Sulawesi. Toxic Tories are back with a vengeance."

Brown is right – "toxic Tories" is the perfect description. They want to drag us into their insular approach to global politics.

As tens of thousands march in Edinburgh today, it's a timely reminder of how different Scotland's outlook is.