I WAS appalled to read your inane headline ‘Sarwar sacking prompts fresh concerns of Labour racism’ (October 5).

As a so-called BME, I have never thought rich BME politicians like Anas Sarwar or Humza Yusaf in Scotland, or the likes of MP Keith Vaz, represent me despite their claims. Diane Abbot MP and Dawn Butler MP are politicians who do represent all working people, including BAME.

To represent any group it is not a necessary and sufficient condition to be a member of the group. We have had enough claptrap from the UK and Scottish press on Labour’s anti-Semitism this year, and for you to start another exaggerated claim of Labour’s racism is egregious.

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is addressing issues of racism and anti-Semitism. The likes of Gordon Brown (with his facetious claim that the UK had nothing to apologise for regarding the Empire) qualify as examples of individuals with a race problem from Labour’s past.

I have voted for both Labour and the SNP and will be voting for my principled left-wing MP Tommy Sheppard again because I support his politics. Any neo-liberal SNP or Labour will never get my vote. I want a progressive UK Government, not a bunch of extreme centrists represented by Anas Sarwar.

John Pinto

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