BREXIT has killed the credibility of Theresa May and Ruth Davidson stone dead. Both argued vehemently to remain, yet both stayed in position to vehemently argue to leave. Had both stood aside and allowed someone from the Leave brigade to argue its case and lead the negotiations, they would have been resolved long before now or kicked into history as a crazy notion.

Brexit was advocated by a bunch of self-serving cowards who should have been given the opportunity to prove themselves ... to be just that!

Then normal programmes would have resumed.

Alas no! The misguided notion that TM and RD could about turn, abandon all previous instincts, advocate the policy they loathed, then lead their country in their new-found direction has been the most ridiculous display of incompetence since Cameron set us off on this mystery tour. His trip round Europe to supposedly ensure our security within it, then confidently allowing the Brexit proponents to have their say in a referendum, was bad enough.

To beat that, the Tories are now openly scrambling around to ensure that a second EU referendum does not take place in fear that it would logically recreate a case for indyref2. Meanwhile, in the real world, this whole episode has done just that.

Tom Gray
Braco, Perthshire

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